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Hapkido Headquarters training: by Master Michael Lok

I am delighted to have the privilege to trained at the Hapkido Headquarter in Korea in early 2009. I had waited for many years for this moment as it was an invite only privileged to train at this dojang.

During my initial interview with the 9th Dan Grandmaster he ask me my teacher and his lineage from which Grandmaster’s the techniques were taught. After my reply he bluntly said to my face “ The is No Black Belt 10th Dan in this world, The founder is Choi Yong Sul and he died since 1986!

During the weeks to come I had many occasion I had dinners and chats with the Grandmaster in his room. I started to realize there are many Masters in Hapkido have unrecognized certifications. Some Masters don’t even know this information to begin with as they are outside of this country.

After extensive evaluation and training with the direct student of Choi Yong Sul, I realized many instructors are teaching the wrong techniques today. My mission is to teach the highest quality to my students as they deserved to be taught properly. I started teaching my students with the newest refinement early 2009.

These refinement includes warm-ups, kicking, punching, rolling and etc. these techniques are the very same once taught over 60 years ago. All techniques are in Korean language, the students will memorize the names of each one.

In Canada, I had many opportunities to visit many Hapkido Schools and met many  Hapkido Masters. Currently in British Columbia, there is no Korea certified Master Instructors. They are no schools teaching the right techniques.