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Korea’s Official Appointment of the First Canadian President and Assistant Instructor

In 2009 Grand Master Kwang Duk Kyu traveled to Canada in March to evaluate the best-qualified school in Canada. After Days of evaluation, Lok’s Hapkido School was chosen as the Headquarter in Canada.

In September 2009, Nicholas Lok traveled to Korea to trained and test as the first certified assistant instructor in Canada for Lok's Hapkido School.

In November 2009, Master Michael Lok was officially appointed as the Canadian Hapkido President for Korean New Martial Arts Hapkdio Federation. This is a monumental event as this is the first in Canada.

In April 2010, Grand Master Kwang was invited to Vancouver for a special presentation and seminar. The presentation of the first Honourable Black belt in Canada.  It was presented to our honorable Mayor Malcolm Brodie (the Mayor of Richmond BC). A special seminar was also taught by Grand Master Kwang  to hundreds of students of Lok’s Hapkido School.

In May 2010, Master Lok  attended the annual conference in Anyong, Korea. He spoke in front of Hundreds of Black Belt students in the conference his future plans and projections in Canada.