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Grand Master Kwang’s first visit in Canada

Korean Hapkido Grand Master

Lok’s Hapkido School, who had been sanctioned by the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation in Korea, hosted Grand Master Hwang’s first visit to Canada. This federation is also certified and registered by the Korean government.


Master Michel Lok has been awarded Black Belt 6th Dan from Korean New Martial Arts Federation since October 16, 2003 directly from the Supreme Grand Master Hwang Deok Kyu – The President of this federation.


During the Supreme Grand Master Hwang’s visit to Vancouver on September 12, 2003, he had presented Master Lok the award for “Service and Support” to Lok’s Hapkido School. This special ceremony was attended by many VIPs including Richmond’s Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Honorable Raymond Chan, and Representatives from Richmond Tourism, Hapkido Masters, friends, students and parents. The Media from TV Stations newspapers drew much attention since this was Master Hwang’s first visit out of Korea. He later appraised this special ceremony in his yearly journal of achievements in 2005.


In 2006, Korean sanction and certification was the standard worldwide. Lok’s Hapkido School had reached an expansion in Canada to be the largest Hapkido School. Korea requested all over-sea Hapkido Schools to be register and certified, we focused our relationship with Korea. I decided not to continue my business relationship with my current federation as their focus and was otherwise.


In 2007, Master Lok traveled to Korea to meet with VIP’s from Korea Hapkido Federation. The travel lasted to weeks to explore the relationship with Director and Semi-presidents of the Federation.


In 2008, Master Lok had special training at the Headquarters in Korea to refine and enhanced the techniques. In pursuit to a higher level of Hapkido training, Master Lok traveled numerous trips to Korea to redefine the highest level of Hapkido never seen in Canada.