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The latest News from Korea

The latest appointment of Canadian President will terminate any previous agreement with the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation. The new president will mandate the new changes effective during his appointment.

Lok’s Hapkido School is currently the only certified Hapkido Head Quarter in BC. By the Bylaws of Korean Certification worldwide, any Black belt certifications testing must be approved by a Korean Certified Master Instructor and a Korean certified Black Belt.

By operating an unsanctioned school, hosting an unqualified testing seminar, the presentation of undocumented diploma is strictly prohibited. It is the fiduciary duty of the Instructor to follow guidelines. For details of the bylaws, certifications and tournament rules contact the President of Korea Hapkido in Canada at Koreahapkidocanada@gmail.com

In the years of my travel to Korea, I had met many Grand Masters, President of many federations, and many great teachers. In Canada, many Masters without constant retraining from Korea have inconsistent techniques. High ranking does not mean high accuracy in their teaching. Basically they were taught wrong to begin with years ago.

In early 2010, many federations had merged to unified Hapkido for standards and regulations worldwide. For the latest news, standards and most accurate Hapkido technique please email me at Masterlok@gmail.com

Note: Any person with language differences will not have the latest and most accurate information regarding Hapkido's development worldwide. This information can be obtained widely in Korea. An Instructor's information without frequent participation and attending seminars in Korea is not accurate. Please be aware.