Super Advanced

The special dedicated class level for adults and kids who are serious about their training and wish to reap all the benefits they can. It allows them to attend additional classes during the week. Black Belts can attend as many times as desired. Black Belt members sessions include classic hapkido plus extra and advanced techniques that are not generally covered in regular classes, such as ground grappling and ground defense.

Ground Grappling
While we recognize that the first line of defense is not on the ground, we also know that a physical confrontation could very easily wind up there…

Hapkido offers an extensive self-defense portion with a focus on ground defense. We are different because we train for multiple attackers, weapons extraction/retention as well as other methods of defense!

Not a sport-oriented playground…skills focus on REALISTIC situations!
Ground grappling is generally covered during certain classes of the week in advanced level classes.

Ground Survival

Hapkido's Grappling techniques were developed to create ground self-defense with the purpose is to survive encounters on the ground by escaping and evading along with takedown prevention methods.

The focus on ground self-defense utilizes transitions from ground positions to standing positions avoiding long extended confrontations on the ground, which the curriculum addresses but does not encourage.

The Ground Techniques blends with Hapkido's core curriculum and adopted aspects of Hapkido's Anatomical Targeting Strategies (Pressure Point) program utilizing small and large joint locking and pressure point techniques.

Master Level Instructors experienced in the grappling arts researched different styles like JuJitsu. They learn by gaining technical assistance from these grappling experts.

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We offer classes for all ages, from children to adults, in both group and individual sessions with flexible schedules. Children's classes are organized by age and skill level, allowing each student to learn at their own pace and enhance their abilities.

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