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Registered Trademarks in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and worldwide

Lok’s Hapkido School® Registered Trademark® and Copyright Logo© Signifies to the world that this prestigious logo is a registered trademark with ALL rights reserved and trade secrets protected.

Many things you will see in our Lok’s Hapkido School® Dojangs (training schools) are symbolic. Here is the meaning of our logo and flags. This logo is a registered trademark and is not allowed to be used in any way without permission from Lok’s Hapkido School. All Lok’s Hapkido schools® throughout the world aim to set the example with the high standards of traditional Hapkido. The official patch is a badge of honour—to be worn by all members.



YELLOW / GOLD CIRCLE: This signifies our gold standard and demonstrates continuous or never-ending personal growth, knowledge, and development.

WHITE LETTERS IN BLUE: The Chinese (Hanja) letters are the translation of the characters from our family name and School name “The Family of True Teaching”. The star symbolized the raising star around the globe.  The English letters below is our name and the language of our correspondence. The blue is the colour of authority and firmness represents high class and high standards. When Lok’s Hapkido School was established in 1996, it was a time of immigration and expansion for many Asian around the world. As we know, it was an early stage of information and broadband connectivity. At that time, Hapkido standards, certification and Hapkido recognition were to be elevated worldwide. To carry forth the significance, the logo represents energy so bright it casts an intense golden reflection onto the eagle.

KOREAN SYMBOLS: The three small symbols located in the centre translate to mean Hap Ki Do in Korean. The centre is the core of our teaching. The essence, persistence and patience required to be committed to Hapkido  “It is to this reason, Hapkido is the original of all martial arts system of the orient” Quoted by GrandMaster Myung Kwang Sik. The gold standard of Traditional Mixed Martial Arts system (67BC to 372AD)

SINCE 1996: This is the year in which Lok’s Hapkido School was established by our founder, Grandmaster Yee Shun Lok. It demonstrates the natural progression and growth of our Hapkido family, as the legacy of Grandmaster Lok continues.

WHITE CIRCLE: The white colour of the inside represents purity or a clean martial arts system that is not mixed with other styles.

Red ARROW: The red arrow from the blue colours and the Uhm/Yung (Yin/Yang) are from the Korean flag, which represents the origins of Hapkido.

The EAGLE: is the original logo of Hapkido and shares this historic significance. The eagle’s open mouth signifies power and passion in which we use in the form of a Ki hap. The eagle represents prestige and honour. It is a very proud bird that flies above storms and rises above challenges or threats. The eagle grasping the flying arrow represents strength through intensity, as well as leadership and vision. A moment in time to assist the eagle in flight to another world