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  1. Accessible, in the centre of Richmond, within walking distance from the Canada Line. Free parking is available.
  2. No Contract. We are a month-to-month school and will not lock you into a long-term contract.
  3. We are open seven days a week.
  4. We offer private lessons one-on-one with the Master.
  5. Canadian Hapkido Black Belt Certification Centre in multiple federations.
  6. Dynamic teaching style. We have a traditional approach with a modern twist.
  7. A hands-on Master who is involved in the daily teachings.

It helps that you have a foundation of martial arts teaching, more specifically with traditional arts. However, learning new techniques that are done in a different way with a different style may be troublesome. For example, Hapkido is not a competitive-based art, so most of the kicks are designed to cause the most amount of damage. The emphasis is on power rather than speed, unlike Taekwondo or Karate, for instance.

We are currently developing a program to advance martial artists with a Taekwondo background (ITF or WTF) to a higher belt level. Assessment will be done to determine what belt level you should start at. Since Hapkido is a different martial art with its own unique style and movement, students will not be able to receive a black belt immediately.

At this age, we focus on your child’s motor skill development, social development, and confidence by learning new moves such as rolling and falling. By engraving these life skills in your child’s early development, he/she will be better prepared to deal with accidental falls at the playground and in training.

Hapkido is a self-defense Martial Art that prepares your child from any circumstances he or she will encounter. This can include anything from accidents while playing to school bullying. Hapkido is meant to quickly neutralize the opponent with the least amount of effort. The student will learn self-discipline by practicing these techniques in a controlled environment.

Our later classes are geared towards adults and higher belts while earlier classes are geared towards children and beginners.