Awards and Achievements

Lok’s Hapkido School has been rated as the best martial arts school in Richmond many times. The results of the selections were voted by the Richmond residents participating in a "Readers' Choice" survey organized by Richmond News.

This annual event was initiated by Richmond News. The selection is divided into more than 150 categories such as restaurants, cars, retails and martial arts, etc. The residents in Richmond vote for their favorite in each category, and who has gained the most votes in the category is the winner. During the selection process, Richmond News will verify the background of the candidates and contact the voters randomly. This year, Lok’s Hapkido School is the winner of the martial arts category.

Canadian Hapkido Headquarter

Lok’s Hapkido School was established in 1996, which is the only Hapkido School recognized by South Korea in BC. There are more than 1,000 students. Master Michael Lok, with the 6-degree black belt, said that they had a training playground of more than 3,000 sq. ft. and he was the Master instructor for all the classes. Due to his strict control, only 10 black belts were awarded in the past 10 years.

Medal of Honor

On March 4, 2011, Grand Master Hwang Deok-Kyu presented Lok's Hapkido School with a "Medal of Honor" in Seoul, Korea. Grand Master Hwang presented this medal to support the commitment of Lok's Hapkido School in Canada, which was received by our Canadian President during his latest visit to Korea. "This is a monumental step in Hapkido to provide this award in support of the Head Quarter in Canada," said Master Michael Lok. Grand Master Hwang had many discussions with Master Lok in the forward movement of the promotion of Hapkido in Canada. One area of focus was the standards and regulations in Canada. Master Lok will be in charge of this movement to tighten Canadian regulations in Black belt standards and certifications, under the direct supervision of Grand Master Hwang.

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