Hapkido Seminar at the Richmond Olympic Oval! 28 February 2015

Special Hapkido Seminar at the Richmond Olympic Oval

Special Guest Instructor:

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Grand Master Lim Eu Jung

Teaching Assistant to Grandmaster Hwang, Chairman of the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation.

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from a Hapkido Grand Master coming from straight from Korea, representing the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation on behalf of the Chairman Grand Master Hwang.

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Grand Master Lim is the current Team Leader for the Federation’s Demo Team and he is no stranger to the international stage. His experience as a team leader has taken him to Russia, UK, France and Pyongyang promoting Hapkido Martial Arts as part of the Federation’s Demo Team. He is also the current Vice Chairman of Gyeonggi-do Hapkido council of sport for all.

While in Vancouver, Grand Master Lim will also be overseeing the Hapkido Games, being held this March 21/22 at TigerBalm. Part of his responsibilities will be to make sure the games are held to the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation’s standards.

We’re recommending all of the current students new or senior attend this seminar as it will help you learn new techniques beyond the school curriculum, practice and ask questions while you’re trying out your new found skills. This will be a very “hands on” seminar (quite literally) so bring your uniform and equipment.

Expect to learn joint locks, weapons techniques as well as Hapkido concepts and principles.

Time: 6-8pm

Date: Friday March 20, 2015

Location: Richmond Olympic Oval

Fee: $75 non-member ($50 members)

Registration deadline: March 7, 2015.

How To Register: In Person at Lok's Hapkido School 


Certificate of completion given at the end of seminar.

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