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I am delighted to have the privilege to have a special video interview with Grand Master Kwang Deok Kyu , Grand Master Kwang Kyu Yun, and Master Kwang Kyu Taik in April 2010. In this interview, there were extensive history information, pioneer individuals, and Hapkido popularity around the world today.

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Grand Master Kwang Deok Kyu has been known as one of the most infamous pioneer in Hapkido Korea today. In fact, his profile goes back as the first student taught by Grand Master Ji Han Jae. With hard work and dedication on promotion of Hapkido worldwide, he is the founder of the Korea Sin Moo Hapkido Federation. Many famous Hapkido Master was trained under Grand Master Kwang.

In an extensive 2-hour video interview with Grand Master Kwang in April 2010 in Vancouver, many masters were mentioned for promoting Hapkido during the same era.

Since the booming movie business in Hong Kong in the earlier seventies, a movie project was in the making to have the first Hapkido movie. The cast was the best Hapkido Masters including: Grand Master Ji Hae Jae, Grand Master Kwang In-Shik, Angela Mao, Carter Wong, Samo Hung and etc.

According to GM Kwang Deok Kyu, the movie training and filming was initiated in Korea with Grand Master Ji Han Jae and Grand Master Kwang In-Shik. As the location changed to Hong Kong, Grand Master Ji sent a student to provide training for the actors during the filming in Hong Kong

According to interview with Carter Wong in March 2010 in Vancouver “It was this movie that started the Hapkido popularity in Hong Kong, Asia, around the world”  “ This was the first time the world saw the impressive techniques Hapkido offers, It was a monumental movie project.” I also caught up with Carter Wong in Shenzhen, China in May 2010. Carter Wong was very active in promoting martial arts around the world.

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