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Lok's Hapkido School has been the largest Hapkido School in Canada since 1996. The Head Instructor of the school is Master Michael Lok, who has been instructing daily classes to thousands of students in his Richmond, British Columbia’s school for over 15 years.  A Hong Kong-born Chinese, his roots are in Canada, where he studied at the University of Regina and practiced Martial Arts in his personal time.

In 1985, Master Lok won his first Canadian Open Sparring Championship and earned numerous trophies from then on.  In 1996, he promoted his abilities by opening the first Hapkido School in Richmond, BC.

In 2004, Master Lok was featured on the cover of England's top Martial Arts magazine as "Master Lok - The Next Generation", during the time he was travelling to the European Hapkido Championship. Much of his success was from his numerous appearances in TV interviews such as “Fairchild TV” and "City TV”, as well as on radio and in newspapers. He also released his first book in November 2009.

After years of constant training, Master Lok was awarded 7th Dan black belt from Korea, the highest rank in Canada. He was also appointed as President of the Hapkido Headquarters in British Columbia.

Recently, Master Lok’s Hapkido School has won “Reader’s Choice 2009” by Richmond News as “the best Martial Arts School” for the past seven years.

In addition to his Hapkido awards, Master Lok has many other achievements. Most notably, he is a two-time Melvin Jones award winner, the highest award given to a Lions Club International member.

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