Hapkido Highlights

Hapkido is one of the most suitable martial arts to promote the strengthening of both the mind and the body. It is a non-violent martial art that teaches practitioners to control an opponent’s force and to protect against outside threat. It is one of the best forms of self-defence by using joint locks, grappling, throwing, and weaponry as well as striking, kicking, and punching. Unlike some of the other martial arts, Hapkido uses soft, circular motions and the redirection of force rather than strength against strength.

What does it mean?

Hapkido literally means ‘Method or Way (DO) for the Harmony (HAP) of Mental Energy or Spirit (KI).  Hapkido encourages the integration of physical power and mental power through training, concentration, meditation, and the diversion of force. Students will learn how to overwhelm an opponent using a variety of diversion techniques all the while learning how to avoid a physical confrontation.

Who can learn Hapkido?

Hapkido can be learned by everybody: men, women, and children.  Any person of any age wishing to improve their physical technique, coordination, and motor skills can benefit from the training of Hapkido. Law enforcement and security personnel particularly benefit from this integrated martial art.

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